Allie and Nicole (13)





F/f F+/f F+/f+ exhibition teen WaterSport BDSM slavery bondage HighSchool humiliation nc Serious


Foreword : This tale is from the author Annie the slick.
She wrote two other stories : "Modern Maid" et "L.E.Z. – The Lesbian Sorority".
Some month ago, after email contact, Annie gave me the permission to translate this story in french.



Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.


Part 13 : Allie goes to private school 1.

"You realize that we run a strict school here."  The headmistress, Ms. Smith
looked across the desk, over her glasses and gave Allie a stern look.

"Of course we do." responded Nicole sitting in the chair next to the intimidated

"We have a school uniform and code of conduct that all the girls here at Trinity
adhere to."  She looked back at the teens file sitting in front of her, "You do
have the required grades to enter, I will pass along my recomendation to

"Thank you Ms. Smith." said Nicole.

"Now I believe Tammy was going to give you a tour of the school."  Headmistress
Smith pressed her intercom, "Janet, will you please send in Tammy."

In through the door walked a petite brunette girl of about Allie's age, she was
even smaller than Allie, looking like  a little girl, her breasts barely growing
yet.  Nicole looked at the girl and wanted the girl's virgin pussy right then.
She looked so adorable in her school uniform, the plaid skirt, the white shirt,
kneesocks and black shoes.  Nicole licked her lips.  The uniform was half the
reason she was sending Allie to this expensive all girls school, she wanted to
dress her girl-toy in a schoolgirl uniform everyday.  She would enjoy having a
young schoolgirl to fuck everynight.

"Please give our guests a tour of the school Tammy."

"Yes Maam," answered the girl.

"Follow me."

Nicole stood and helped Allie to her feet, the girl was finding it hard to
concentrate.  She was impaled in her ass and pussy and walking normal was
difficult.  She, of course, had her butt plug embedded in her ass, but as they
drove into the schools parking lot, Nicole had her lift her skirt and pull her
panties down and thrust a seven inch dildo into her cunt.  She had smiled and
told Allie to act normal or she would be punished severly that night.  Allie had
to try to walk while being double fucked.  She was in a haze, her thoughts
focused on her crotch as Tammy led them out of the room and into the hallway of
the school.  If she lifted her skirt the knob of the dildo could be seen
protruding into her g-string panties, there was barely enough fabric to hold it
inside her vagina.  She was walking around the all-girls school while being
douple fucked.

It was between periods, so the hallways were full of young women dressed in the
school uniform.  Nicole was in heaven as Tammy led them to the library.

"What year in school are you Tammy," said Nicole as they approached the
library's entrance.

"I'm a senior,"  she turned and smiled up at the strong woman, blushing she
continued, "I know I look young, but honest I'm seventeen."

Nicole's interest in the girl heightened, this might be the candidate for Allie
to seduce, she needed to find out a bit more about the girl.

Tammy led them around the school, the halls bustling with young women.  She
showed them the cafeteria, the auditorium, the gym, the pool, and a couple of
empty classrooms.  After about twenty minutes, Nicole asked Tammy if they could
use a restroom.

Tammy led them into a restroom, classes had started again so it was empty.
Tammy was going to wait outside, but Nicole insisted that they all go in.  Tammy
complied, Nicole smiled as she saw the girl obeyed her simple instruction, so
far so good.  They opened the swinging door and walked in.  Allie was in a haze
from the dildos rammed into her holes, she just followed her mistress and Tammy
into the bathroom.

"Allie, you may take a piss."  Tammy looked shocked at Nicoles statement, Allie
turned and looked at Nicole with a petrefied little girl look on her face, but
she didn't say anything and just waddled to a stall.

Nicole watched Tammy as she said to Allie, "Leave the stall door open, and make
sure our friend Tammy here can see what you are doing."

Tammy was completely blown away, but she didn't know what to do.  She just stood
in the middle of the bathroom and watched as Allie walked into the stall and
turned to face the other two women.  She lifted her skirt and pulled her skimpy
panties down, exposing her mutilated clit hood to Tammy.

Tammy gasped.

"Yes she is pierced down there, she also has rings in her titties, maybe she'll
show them to you later?"  Nicole continued talking to the girl calmly as she
kept degrading her girl toy.

"I usually don't let Allie wear any underwear, but today she had to because the
horny little girl has a dildo rammed up her pussy, and she had to have something
to hold it in."  Nicole smiled at the startled high school girl.  Allie hung her
head as she stood with her panties around her knees.

"Pull out you dildo pet and show the nice girl what a horny lezzy slut does all
day."  Allie reached under her crotch and pulled the dildo slowly from her cunt
and held the black plastic shaft up for Tammy to see.

The girl freaked and started heading for the door.  Nicole grabbed the girl by
the wrist and pulled her to her side, holding her firmly.  Tammy calmed down as
Nicole talked to her, she was unable to pull away as Nicole enticed her

"Aren't you a bit curious Tammy? Do you wonder why she does this?"  Tammy did
actually wonder how a girl could stick something like that into her and then
just walk around school.

Nicole leaned in close to the girls ear, she had to lean down quite a bit,
because the girl was a lot shorter than the tall dark haired woman. "Do you
wanna see something real cool?" she whispered.

Tammy was looking at Allie, who was still holding the dildo up in front for
Tammy to see.  Nicole was happy to see how well trained her teen slave had

"Tammy, do you want to see my pet do a trick?"  Nicole whispered gently into the
dumbstruck teens ear.

Tammy swallowed and answered without really thinking, "yeah."  Allie started to
cry inside, she knew Nicole was going to have her humiliate herself in front of
the other girl, she just knew it.

Nicole wrapped her arm around the highschool senior, holding on to her she said
to Allie, "Pull your panties back up pet."

Allie was almost sobbing, she knew Nicole had something humiliating in store for
her.  It was twice as bad in front of a girl her own age, someone who was going
to be her classmate.  She was doomed, the word would spread what a piece of
lezzy trash she was before she was even enrolled.  She pulled up her tiny
g-string, unable to disobey her Mistress, even now, scared of the retribution.

"Watch this Tammy." Whispered Nicole as she ignored Allie's distress. "Pee in
your panties pet."  Nicole smiled as Allie complied with her order.

Allie sat down, tears were beginning to stream out of her eyes.  How had this
happened, she hated this, she just wanted to be normal, not sitting in front of
another girl peeing her panties.

"And Allie, lift your skirt like the good slut you are to make sure we can see
you soil your own underwear."  Allie lifted her skirt exposing her panty covered
pussy to her Mistress and Tammy.

Tammy was breathing a bit heavy, her eyes glued to the spectacle happening right
in front of her.  She saw a small wetspot form on the front of the teen's white
panties and begin to spread as the Allie began to pee herself.

Allie let her bladder go, she had peed in front of many women, in many
embarassing situations, Nicole seemed to enjoy the abject humiliation that Allie
went through each time she wet herself.  She felt the piss slither out the front
of her panties and begin to dribble in an uneaven tinkle into the toilet.  Soon
her panties were soaked, stained yellow and sticking to her crotch.  The pee
came out in a thick yellow stream, it looked like a faucet placed against the
teens thin cloth underwear.  Allie hung her head in shame.

Nicole held onto Tammy as her girl-toy finished wetting herself.  Tammy was numb
with shock.  She didn't know what to think.  She had just watched another girl
pee her panties.  She felt Nicoles hand on her ass now, it was rubbing her.  She
moaned slightly, her eyes never leaving the sight of the freshmen's soiled

"Stick the dildo back in you pussy slave."  Nicole said it softly, not looking
towards Allie, but almost whispering the phrase into Tammy's ear.  The senior
girl moaned slightly as she watched Allie re-insert the big black dildo into her
cunt.  She felt Nicole lift the front of her skirt and bring her right hand in
contact with her pussy, she spread her legs to give the woman easier access to
her teen cunt and moaned as Nicole started to molest her through her panties.

"Crawl over here slut and kneel between Tammy's legs."  Said Nicole, still
speaking softly into Tammy's ear.

Allie crawled over and knelt between Tammy's legs, her mistress pulled aside the
leg of Tammy's panties and Allie knew what to do, she leaned in and began to
lick the girls pussy.  She tasted musky and a bit salty.  Allie licked with her
now expert tongue..  Nicole  continued to hold the girls underwear aside as she
thrust herself on the girl, bringing her mouth down on the smaller woman,
kissing her passionately as Allie sucked her off.  Tammy moaned into her mouth
as she was virtually raped in the bathroom.

She came, thrusting into Allie's mouth as the little teen whore planted her
mouth completely around the other girls cunt, thrusting her tongue as far inside
Tammy's pussy as she could.

Tammy collapsed into Nicole's arms, spent from the best orgasm of her young
life.  Nicole continued to french kiss the girl as Tammy's eyes rolled back into
her head.  Allie kept sucking, she knew by now not to stop until told to by her

Nicole finally leaned away from the schoolgirl.

"You may stop licking Tammy my little cuntlicker," she patted the girls head, "I
know you love to suck pussy, but I think she is spent."

Nicole let Tammy's skirt fall back down, without re-adjusting the girls panties,
her pussy stayed peeking out.  Nicole lifted one of the girls limp hands and
wrote on it with a pen she pulled from her purse, "Allie 555-8873".

Then they helped the girl wake up, she moaned and her eyes fluttered.

Tammy was in a sexual haze as Nicole led the two teens back out or the restroom
into the hallway.  She thought this school was going to be perfect for Allie.